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The ADIPOWER Team is a very complete bet due to its wide range of features both in its improved control and power aimed at advanced level players.

Its DUAL EXOSKELETON technology offers a double-height carbon rib structure that reinforces the core and the frame of the racket. This results in greater rigidity and torsional resistance of the racket, offering a better feeling of consistency in the shots and greater power in the attack.

In addition, with its SPIN BLADE system formed by a rough relief inserted into the mould of the racket, it provides a better grip on the ball, forging an improvement in generating more spin on your spin shots.

Another feature is its POWER EBOSSED RIDGE: An outer carbon rib located in the frame of the racket that provides greater rigidity to the entire structure. This system is incorporated into the most aggressive racquets to achieve greater power in the stroke.

The ADIPOWER TEAM is an all-rounder that enhances the pleasure of playing and winning. Its combination of SOFT PERFORMANCE EVA rubber and FIBER GLASS fibreglass is a commitment to improve control, comfort and ball exit, while the SPIN BLADE technology goes one step further by guaranteeing greater ease of spin. Another of its great technologies is the STRUCTURAL REINFORCEMENT, a reinforcement for the entire frame of the racket, which improves durability, as well as providing rigidity. In addition, its diamond shape completes a package of resources to get that spark of power when required.

Balance Neutral
Cover Included
Gender Unisex
Headshape Round
Playing style Control player
Surface Rough surface
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